Fan sues NYPD; kicked out of Yankee Stadium for using restroom duri...

Campeau-Laurion explained that he needed to use the restroom and was not concerned about "God Bless America." Then he attempted to walk past the officer. Before Campeau-Laurion could take a step, the police officer grabbed his right arm and twisted it behind his back, the lawsuit claimed.

A second officer twisted Campeau-Laurion's left arm behind his back, and the two officers marched him down several ramps to the stadium's exit with his arms pinned behind his back.

The encounter ended with one of the officers telling Campeau-Laurion to leave the country if he didn't like it.

OK, Yankee fans. I've never had a hotdog there, but I think diarrhea should kick in at that time, next game, and all the atheists, anarchists, and other assholes like me should need to use the facilities. Let the cops stop all of 'em. Blame it on the 'dogs and nachos.

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I don't know which is worse, getting abused by the cops or watching the Yankees.




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