Christian-izing Salt is Just Not Kosher

According to , a retired barber Joe Godlewski was getting sick of seeing so many television chefs gravitate towards kosher salt that he said: "What the heck's the matter with Christian salt?" and has created his own Blessed Christians Salt to compete. What makes his salt so wonderfully Christian? It's sea salt blessed by an Episcopalian priest. Godlewski (inspired by his name?) wants to "keep Christianity on the table, in the household, however I can do it," and claims that it has at least as much flavor and beneficial minerals as kosher salt.

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Ahhhh jeezee.... now its only a matter of time until the evangelicals get in on the act. They could start a company to rival the Hebrew National brand.

The "Evangelical National" brand could one-up kosher all beef hotdogs and come out with a line of blessed holy corndogs with the sticks shaped like crosses. The motto, "eat a corndog for jesus" needs a little work though. Perhaps, WWJE(what would jesus eat?).

On second thought I'd better leave slogans to the Madison ave. guys....
Mmmm, Jesus Loooooooves him some corndogs!

I'll have a Christ On A Crutch, a side of Resurrection Fries, and a His Blood Shake. I'll take that to go.
Would the lower cost food items be on the "Values" menu?




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