Anyone come across sightings before the 20 th century? Or from mid 19 th century when technology was getting into swing? That's the killer for me. I heard once about what looked like an astronaut among an ancient rock painting. But that is open to interpretation.
Given how mankind likes to record or invent via myths oral traditions or written I don't hear ofUFOs and aliens out-side of Gods coming down to earth. Objects in the sky? The ancients did a hellava lot of star - gazing but no mention.
The super-astronomical distances they would have to surmount to get from their planet to ours don't seem credible but astro- physicists are talking about some pretty trippy stuff as the an explanation of outer-space time and matter itself to make their journey credible. If they understand what our asro-physicists will eventually work out and for sure apply.
Jung's theory is it is an illusion projected out of the collective unconscious. My interpretation of what he said (which I'm sure is found by googling) is mankind's move from gods to God is a quite natural transition. God is not just cognitive dissonance its a subliminal urge hence collective unconscious relevance. Outer space is the ultimate in God's infinity. The Alien or for starters better aliens is a natural metaphor for God's cosmic infinity to over-lap. On a sub-conscious level the similarity is too tempting not to feed upon where blasphemy doesn't occur as a thought. Apparently normal people out side of the cognitive dissonance have the most fertile imaginations when it comes to God Jesus and the Virgin Mary in terms of feeling their presence particularly in church. Such is the church's propagation they don't NEED an apparition as proof. But where is the church for the Alien? Science iin its relative infancy is open game for a new mythical urge to be collating in man 's collective unconscioust that i believe percolates up in some people that I am betting are theists as most of the Western world is ( hah hah not many sightings in under-developed counties or in Allah fixated zones) or agnostic. It would be an interesting statistic. Given the surprising over-fertile imaginations for theists to " feel God " ( or his family) subliminally it is not so far-fetched to me to push the penny as a sighting given if the collective unconscious ihas started hatching a new myth of type of Archytype of God. Looking at a clear blue sky or into the starry sky at night it is clutching for A Sign to prove the metaphor.
That could be the explanation for the greatest majority of sightings. I keep an open mind a tiny percentage is for real regarding astro-physicts

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