Would love to meet fellow atheists. How about getting together at Thinking Man pub one evening or something?

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I'm busy this weekend.
I organize regular bicycle rides, bocce matches, and board game nights. All three activities lend themselves to conversation and debate. Posting them here won't be a problem.
ATL Bocce Krew represent!
Great options. But let's not stop that from organizing something here, lest this nice little group become obsolete. Perhaps we should plan something in "conjunction." Or publicize the other gatherings here. (Since I don't typically have time to check into anything other than tribe on a regular basis.) :-)

Or how about we plan a gathering on a Thursday evening at Thinking Man Tavern?
Perhaps we ought to piggyback the "Drinking Liberally" gatherings at the Thinking Man Tavern? Seems like a bunch of erudite folks to me.


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