so ummm it's August 28th... last thread the 12th.... lets talk about some stuff. i know there's a sweet book festival goin on in decatur labor day weekend. there's also lots of bars in Atlanta, i'm in little five umm... let's do somethin damnit. Lol! Braves games are always good too...

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So... not interested in picking up trash (re: my previous post about adopt a highway)??!! Ha ha kidding... My husband and I live in Lil 5 too. We don't have much going on this weekend. We could do drinks somewhere.... Also, there is a star gazing thing tomorrow at the agnes scott observatory to benefit cancer. If you look up events on this site it will tell you more info.. I may go...
Ok... fell free to drop me a line... we do need to get some things going on this group!
Lol! actually... i have no issues with picking up trash. i just made the assumption all the prior threads were out of date/not current.

i'll check it out though. so you and your husband are in L5P too? well then we definately have no excuse not to do something. i was talkin to a friend about watchin the Falcons game tomorrow, but my Fri and Sat and Sun are open. i know one of those days i wanna do the book festival though. how much is the observatory? and i'll look for the "events" section. I didn't even know there was one... i've only been on the site a week.
Umm I just sent a message to the lady who seems to be heading it up (pamela) I guess. So, I dunno how much it is. I may have to work late tomorrow, but would really like to go. Regarding this weekend, just let me know what day you are going to decatur. Maybe we could hook up Saturday afternoon for drinks? I am also new to this group having joined just a few weeks ago, but am excited to talk to some others who are like-minded!
no doubt about that. went to one of the atlanta atheists meet-ups in decatur, and have been doin some networking on facebook as well. i was thinkin of hittin the book fair sunday, so sat afternoon drinks sound cool to me. i'll email a couple places i go to in little five to you. unless you were tryin to head out somewhere in decatur.
yeah... lil five is fine... closer for all of us. sure, shoot me some places we could hit up!
umm... i can't email you unless you accept my friend request i think. or maybe i just don't know how to do it. Lol!
i just sent you an email.


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