What better way to celebrate life than volunteering with some like-minded folks!!?? I have had some positive responses regarding group volunteer efforts in Atlanta. Lets get together and enrich some lives!
I have a few ideas: Books for Africa (packing up books for people in Africa), Historic Oakland Foundation (cleaning up the cemetary), Kennesaw Mtn. Trail Club (cleaning up the bike trail), or Med Share International (packing up medical supplies for other countries).
So if anyone is interested, please let me know. I am thinking we can get together (over drinks and food)... pick out a project, and go for it! What do you guys think??

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okay... where do i sign up? i agree that the books and med supplies are the best ideas, and i'm guessing my objections to the other's would run similar to those of "The Difficult Kind."
Ok... cool... sounds like we have a few ideas going. How about meeting up sometime next week? I am thinking Thursday night around 6ish? Where does everyone live? I know a few of us that live in the Lil 5 area.
I think doing a large book drive is a great idea. People throw them away. We may even try and focus on textbooks. I'd focus on something for media attention for that matter.
Thanks for the interest!! I would really like to meet up somewhere if possible. How are Sundays for everyone? I am also not opposed to driving somewhere... Is north side of the city better for everyone?
Also.... I am a fan of the book drive plan so I will focus my research in that direction.
@The Difficult Kind - love your ideas (too bad about the gorillas)... any more info about the elephant sanctuary?
That sounds great! What kind of availability do you have?
AN should make an Events calendar or something if they havent already. hmmm




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