This is a game, similar to the Lyrics Quiz discussion in the Bandstand group.

The rules are simple: someone posts the depiction of a work of art (painting, sculpture, pottery, architecture, etc.), and a question others have to answer to, in order to take their turn.

To stick to the group's theme (A TRICK OF THE EYE), the work must have an aesthetic component to it. I know this is very subjective, so use common sense here and try to avoid readymades, shock art and meta-art if possible.

Searching the internet is OK, and even encouraged. The idea here is to have you to look for and discover new stuff.

Let's start with this:

You have to guess the author and the title.

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Probably something about political "feather-bedding" ...
Whaddya mean what's the question? The picture is the quiz, per your instructions.
As per the instructions in the OP, you can ask any question you want (as long as it's related to the picture, of course.) So I assume it's author/title, as usual?

I'm clueless. Is this American Realism? The closest thing I can think of is this (Thomas Anshutz.)
Oh, I missed/forgot that bit. Yes, artist and title is the question.

Hint: He's a frog, like you.
Degas Cotton Exchange
Okay, close enough. It is Degas's The Cotton Market. Your turn.
Glenn beat you to the punch. A new round will start just as soon as he posts a picture.
So what's your position now?
Artist and Title:

Big Bird, "A Nightmare on Sesame Street."

j/k - I have no idea.
Don't know, but it looks like the photograph was shot at Centre Pompidou.
Nope, in an American museum.




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