This is a game, similar to the Lyrics Quiz discussion in the Bandstand group.

The rules are simple: someone posts the depiction of a work of art (painting, sculpture, pottery, architecture, etc.), and a question others have to answer to, in order to take their turn.

To stick to the group's theme (A TRICK OF THE EYE), the work must have an aesthetic component to it. I know this is very subjective, so use common sense here and try to avoid readymades, shock art and meta-art if possible.

Searching the internet is OK, and even encouraged. The idea here is to have you to look for and discover new stuff.

Let's start with this:

You have to guess the author and the title.

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Not Lipchitz, although they're contemporaries, and certainly knew each other's work.
Otto Gutfreund, Cellist, I had a lot of fun looking for this one....
I've been looking at his work. I really like it..I was not familiar with this artist...thanks
Your move. Surprise us :-)
Artist and title

No idea.

Except it reminds me of a shot of Sarah Palin where she's wrapped into an American flag.

Time for a hint?
He's a contemporary (very active) artist whose art is simultaneously rough and delicate and exposes sentimental and vulnerable humanity through violent gestures, provocative irony and messy compositions that defy traditional aesthetic boundaries. This work was on display last year in Berlin but he is not German. His studio is in Barcelona.
Great. I'm only 2 hours away from Barcelona. I don't know how many hours it'll take to visit every artist's studio here (it's a rather big city), I hope next weekend will be enough if I hurry ;-)
Just zig and zag......I know this one is tough...I have to apologize, I've just gone back to work and can't check personal email very often. You guys were really throwing out some hard ones.

This is a quote from the artist's statement...."My art work could hang in the British Museum or in a toilet, I just don’ t care.“ He had a solo show May 19, 2009 AT ROJO BARCELONA....

Funny I lived just outside of Paris for about a year but I've been in the states Georgia for a while and can't get far enough into the back my hills and trees.
The Statue of the Liberties by Anton Unai

[Haven't been around for awhile because somehow I became an 'unfollower' of this conversation :-( ]
Glenn its your go...actually I think you have to be an unfollower to be a part of this conversation....yes/no?
Glad you're back...




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