Yee haa!!! The following hit my Inbox a short while ago:


Wonderful News

Atheist signs to go on Tasmanian buses!

5 August 09

The Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc and Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd have today (4 August 09) reached agreement in conciliation before the office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner that the advertisements setting out “Atheism – Celebrate reason!” may be seen on Metro buses in Tasmania in 2010.

The negotiations and terms of the agreement are confidential.

President of the AFA, David Nicholls said; “This is a great day for freedom of expression in Tasmania. It is a ‘sign’ of the times.”

Contact details:
David Nicholls
Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc
Private Mail Bag 6

Ph: (08) 8835 2269




ATHEISM is the acceptance that there is no credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god, gods or the supernatural.

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Awesome news, I look forward to the day when we have them on our buses here in Melbourne, especially the one I catch to work on which two mormons travel.
How about Sydney, the home of George Cardinal "Go To Hell" Pell and Fred Nile. Now that would be a challenge.
Excellent news, when is Melbourne to get something similar?


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