I have contacted both the N.Z. Skeptics and the N.Z. Association of Rationalists & Humanists to see if we Kiwi's can borrow Richard when you Aussies are done with him.

My email to chair@skeptics.org.nz and admin@nzarh.org.nz reads as follows:


I have read that there are plans to get Richard Dawkins to the Atheists Foundation of Australia
conference in Melbourne, in March 2010. (see http://atheistnexus.org/group/richarddawkins/forum/topics/richard-d...)

It would make a lot of sense - seeing that he will be in this part of the world anyway - to arrange for Richard to come to New Zealand afterwards. In fact, in my opinion it would be an opportunity too good to miss.

I have made contact with the organisers of the Australia visit, and they report that they are not aware of any current plans for Richard to come here. I hope that between the N.Z. Skeptics and the N.Z. Association of Rationalists & Humanists this oversight can be fixed. My AFA contact is as follows:

David Nicholls
Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc
Private Mail Bag 6
Ph: (08) 8835 2269
Email: info@atheistfoundation.org.au
Web: http://www.atheistfoundation.org.au
Forum: http://atheistfoundation.org.au/forums/

Please let me know if Richard can be pursuaded to head over to N.Z. in 2010. I would certainly want to attend any meetings where he was a guest.

If any forum members here can add their voices to the call to get Richard to NZ, it would be much appreciated.

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It would be great if as many Kiwis as possible could come over for the Atheist Alliance International Convention - it's a wonderful opportunity to show solidarity and to network with atheists from around the world. Can you spread the word in NZ and ask anyone interested in attending to contact David Nicholls at info @ atheist foundation dot org dot au using "Convention" in the header?




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