Atheism: King Of The Bigots


David Nicholls. The image is from his public 'Atheist Nexus' account.

David Nicholls. Sound familiar?

It shouldn’t.

Mr. Nicholls’ is the President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, and today in response to an Easter sermon claim by Bishop Anthony Fisher of Parramatta, that Atheism has been responsible for some evils of the world, and that Atheism hates Christianity, Mr Nicholls stated:

‘He seeks out a scapegoat and attacks atheism without any understanding of what he is saying,”

“To state we hate his god or are attacking his god is nonsense.

“How does one hate or attack that which does not exist?”

Nicholls, and his Foundation constantly espouse how much better the world will be without religion. They talk about the intolerant nature of religion and the way it promotes hate. Yet here we have an example of a man doing what he critcises religion of doing promoting intolerance. Nicholls’ claims that it is OK to insult religion, because at least according to him God does not exist. Further, that if God does not exist then surely any insult leveled at God would be fine, because after all the non-existent God would hardly complain. This is the problem with people like Nicholls, it does not matter whether God exists or not. You have to be respectful of other peoples beliefs. You might disagree with them, but at the very least, you should show respect. To say it is OK if I attack your religion, because I don’t think it matters, is a clear sign of bigoted subjectivity that even some Nazis would be jealous of. This is a clear attack not on God, rather the people that believe in God.

The obvious hypocrisy is that Fisher should have shown respect and not attacked Atheists’ beliefs. The problem with this hypothesis is that it assumes that atheism as an ideology is friendly and respectful towards Christianity and namely Catholicism. Atheists, at least those of the aggressive and militant variety are not friendly. Richard Dawkins on a recent trip to Australia, called Senator Stephen Fielding as ‘dumb as an earthworm’ and the Pope a ‘Nazi’. Atheism lives off negativity, it breeds and multiplies only by uniting in hate. In contrast, Catholics will remember at all Good Friday services, there is a Prayer of the Faithful devoted towards helping Atheists.

That is not to say that Christians do not attack Atheism, but let us remember the creed of Atheism seeks to rid the world of Christianity. Christianity (at least practiced as it is supposed to be) is respectful of other peoples beliefs. Christianity respects Atheism and the rights of those who practice it to hold their beliefs. Christianity believes in individual morality. While it appears Atheists do not extend this same right to Christians.

This is not the first time Nicholls’ and his organisation have run into public outcry whilst promoting its charter of intolerance. In 2008 during the Catholic World Youth Day, his organisation, supposedly of devoted Atheists, teamed up with the UFO Raliean Cult in the NoToPope coalition. The Ralieans are of course the infamous UFO sect who believe their French leader (an ex-journo) is God, and also claim to have cloned babies. Together the AFA and the UFO cult Ralieans, with some other organisations, all collectively attacked the Pope. The irony of Atheists joining with a cult to attack another religion is of course, not lost on us.

In our opinion, Mr. Nicholls’ is an interesting character. Not least because he believes it is OK that he ridicules other beliefs, as long as he does not share them. Or because he joined up his Atheist organisation with a UFO cult. Rather because he just seems so angry. He does not like Christianity,  however it appears he is aligned with some UFO religions. People like him live on an agenda, and will jump at any opportunity to present it. Hopefully Mr. Nicholls in the future will demonstrate the respect that Atheism supposedly has for beliefs. We however remain as skeptical on this, as we do towards the imminent arrival of Raliean UFO’s.


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Lots of people have commented on the hypocrisy of the article !

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It is laughable that Christians (and those who believe in similar imaginary friends) should accuse atheists of intolerance, given their own histories. However, I guess we have to be intolerant of the illogic. I recently encountered the comment that, since the Bible (?babble) has existed for so long, it must be true. I recall that Ancient Egypt had a civilisation and religious faith that endured for millennia. Clearly, the belief system was false.

The 2012 stuff makes me laugh, too. Was the Mayan calendar correct in its beginnings? No. Why should its deemed end of days/time/whatever be given any cred whatever? And, anyway, the Mayan survivors apparently deny that the 2012 'apocalypse' causing so much hysteria is even implied in their ancient calendar. [sigh]

you may get a laugh out of this page :-)
Yep the link is not working anymore :-)

Looks like things were getting to hot for them to handle !!!

What a JOKE

access from their home page is down as well
I wish I understood facebook better :-)

What is the link to their facebook page ?
That is not to say that Christians do not attack Atheism, but let us remember the creed of Atheism seeks to rid the world of Christianity.

We have a creed? LMAO

Yes we recite our creed at the weekly meetings at the local church of atheism where we practice our religion, Just before we sacrifice the goat and after the ritual drinking of blood, please try to keep up :-)


ooops it's the christians who do the ritual blood drinking,, errrr we bite the heads of chickens ?
I bit the head off a chocolate bunny this morning, where does that put me?
your in the group :-)
Ummm....dark for preference but not too crazy dark.
Good milk...yes, that has a place in worship.
White chocolate is barely chocolate, it's a con, it's the devil's chocolate.
There is only Dark Chocolate everything else is of the pale god and sinful !
Sir, yes Sir!
Good! so building an army of mindless followers worshiping the the holy creed continues :-)


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