Wouldn't we just love to see those ads on Aussie buses?

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This got coverage on the Nine Network on "Weekend Today". However it is in the segment "What's in the News" with comments by Howard Sattler stating that this campaign is wrong and people's beliefs should be respected. He said he is Atheist.

I sent this email to him at radio 6PR Perth:

Mr. Sattler
I saw you on the "Weekend Today Show" commenting on the NZ Atheists Bus Campaign. Why should they not advertize. There are so many ad campaigns flogging Christianity, selling lies - that there is a "God". I'll bet the Churche never have to pay for those ads. We Atheists have to pay for any of our campaigns

I am a bedraggled refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church.

I am a member of Atheist Foundation of Australia and will be attending the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne next March to hear speakers including Prof. Richard Dawkins and Phillip Adams. The Parliament of World Religions have just had a convention ath the same venue we will be at. They got about $5 million from the Government, $500,000 from the Melbourne City Council.

We applied for a grant and got NOTHING. Attendance at the PWR was poor. Our tickets are selling fast. The Gold Passes are sold out already.

To your credit you are Atheist. Help the Atheist cause.
The Aussie bus ads will be launched soon.




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