Even though we are atheist, we should have to accept that religion will always be part of society.

I know this might sound like a surrender of the atheist cause, I just simply want to get this off my chest. We may be atheist and hate being bombarded with religious garbage (if I can say this without offending anyone), we do have to be realistic and accept that religion will always be part of society.
Religion is part of humanity, part of being a human being and it has been since the stone ages. Religions do come and go throughout history, I mean who worship the Ancient Greek god Zeus, or the Roman god Jupiter these days?
It is the view that atheist's would like to see religion just die out of its existence (rather than killing it, meaning deliberately dismantle it which would be religious persecution, something many us atheist are against), but that's not going to happen any time sooner, well probably not in my lifetime. Don't know if ever, but you can't never.
I have always viewed that religion isn't bad, it's people that makes it bad. There are obviously good people who are religious (like Mother Teresa) and bad people who are religious (like Osama bin Laden). There are also good and bad atheist's too. There is no good or bad cause conducted in the 'name of atheism' that I can think of, not that there should be any. There are no 'atheist charities', though there are plenty of secular charities, like the Red Cross and Amnesty International (though the founders of these two organizations are Christians, these organizations are founded on secular grounds).
We shouldn't deny religious roots that many of our institutions that have been founded upon. Universities were originally religious institutions to train priests and the early scientist were priests, wanting to discover more about 'God's creations'. Sure they have evolved over time.
However, we do respect people's rights to believe whatever they want. I do believe that we should not go out and say to everyone "there is no God" to people's face, it wouldn't do us atheists any good, but I do believe that we should be more debates about the role of religion in society and life. Religion will always exist whether we like it or not.

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As much as we can deter people from religion, it's unlikely that it will be eradicated from our society within any of our lifetimes; it's simply too prevalent. What I think we will continue to see is the gap between the theists and non-theists widening further. The moderates will shift to become either non-believers or they'll become more devout.
On the Reason Project site that is connected with Sam Harris is this thread:

Hello, I am a Christian and I want to ask all the atheist and non-believers something…..

This sign appeared on one of the posts:

Here is my reply:

That image is the sort of stuff that is horribly offensive to not only Athiests but non-Americans and American Allies. May I remind you that Australia is a close Ally of America. We fought alongside US troops in two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and are with you in Iraq and Afganistan. So just remember that MATE.

As far as the JESUS crap on that sign. You Christians can display your Christian proaganda anywhere you like. On your “Greenbacks”, your public buildings. If we Atheists want to display our propaganda, all Hell breaks loose. The Atheist Foundation of Australia wants posters displayed on public transport buses at its expense. We are having a hell of a time fighting all the objections. First, the transport companies refused them. In one city, they might now be allowed. There will be nothing offensive on those signs. They will just point out an alternative to religious beliefs.

All we Atheists want is OUR RIGHTS.

em hotep

Rev. Robert Tobin (Minister, First Church of Atheism)
Thank “god” I am Atheist
I don't really see why we have to accept that it will never go away. It has been going away of its own accord all over the world for years.

For example:
Kid, I totally agree with what were are saying. What I meant about 'die out of existence' is slowly gets smaller and smaller until it just collapse itself due to lack of membership. What you have said forcing religion out of existence is what I meant 'killing it'. 'Killing religion' by forcibly closing churches, mosque, temple, synagogue, etc and banning worshiping wouldn't do any good to the atheist cause. Communist governments have tried throughout the 20th century, look how it turned out. I do respect people believing whatever they want, whether it be God, Allah, Vishnu, or believing that we humans come from another planet (Scientology). A secular government is what we should be advocating and we do, atheism should just be a personal individual stance.
Cannibalism eventually got outmoded. We'll get there, one day. Probably not in our lifetimes, but that doesn't mean that religion is a mandatory persistance in mankind's existence.
OK I admit, I knew nothing about the criticism of Mother Teresa. To be honest, when I put her name as one of 'good people who are religious', I knew little about Teresa. I've only heard about the 'good work' she has done. I looked up on Wikipedia and yes now I have a different opinion about her. Thanks people for changing my mind about Mother Teresa.




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