"The Ultimate Pinup Boy: Jesus Christ" - Coming to a Billboard near You!
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Leesha McKenny August 23, 2009

"Ute beauty: $1.5m to promote Jesus.
CHRISTIAN churches are getting ready to launch Australia's biggest cross-denominational media campaign, featuring the ultimate pin-up boy: Jesus Christ."

Spirited...Christians with the V8 racing ute. Photo: James Brickwood

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Now we are going to have "JESUSGATE"
Why is that money not being spent on the SICK, POOR, and DISADVANTAGED!!

Makes one PUKE!
yep kid - it's a marketing blitz. which btw will probably be funded by the proceeds of a week's tithing ($1.5million). And as Robert said it would be far better spent in a more humane way.
What a pointless waste of money...

Come on Ford ute, do us a favour, explode!

As mentioned above, our most forceful argument against the worth of this is to question what good this does society. The federal government has essentially bankrolled this with their tax exemptions and support of the church. For example, when the government gives billions of dollars to the exclusive brethren, money is freed up for shit like this. If this is what they do with support, we should stop supporting them.

All the crap about people being angry with the church. I'm not an atheist cause I'm angry with the church, I'm an atheist cause they have bronze age, socially retarding beliefs that I want no part of.


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