I'm in Melbourne - I live in Point Cook with my husband and 3 kids. I'm looking forward to hearing some antipodean perspectives and also perhaps meeting some locals I might catch up with in the flesh!

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Hi Alice! Sorry to be so late replying. Welcome to the group. You may also wish to friend me on Facebook if you're interested in keeping up with atheist issues in Australia - Chrys Stevenson



Thanks for the welcome.

I've been offline moving house for a few weeks now...

I think I was a wanabe theist, but never quite got there...

due to my dad being an atheist and kind of spoiling the story.... arh... oh well....


i did truely want to believe as they are such attractive things to believe - reincarnation.. heaven and so on....  but it just never really cut it with me...  i did have a brief foray into astrology thanks to my artistic, creative and imaginative husband who doesn't really draw a line between reality and magic - god love him.... :)  but i'm over that now... as of about 5 years ago when i thought it was time to grow up and smell the coffee and acept or find out the reality of it all... :)


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