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A group for networking and friendship between atheists in the Australian/New Zealand/South Pacific region, and for discussion of political and religious topics relevant to these regions.

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Aussie, Kiwi and South Pacific Atheists

This group is hosted by Richard J and Chrys Stevenson

Another High Court Challenge Against the National School Chaplaincy Program


Breaking News! After successfully challenging the Commonwealth government in the High Court of Australia over funding for the National School Chaplaincy Scheme, Ron Williams is to take them on again.  In an attempt to circumvent the High Court ruling, the government has passed some extremely questionable legislation which tears at the heart of parliamentary democracy and public accountability.  Williams has consulted with his crack legal team and the decision has been made today (Saturday, 7 July) to mount another challenge.

For more information see here:

Mounting a High Court challenge is extremely expensive and Ron Williams is just an average, suburban Dad.  If all of us who care about a secular, democratic Australia can chip in as much as we can, it will help enormously.  Please consider donating at:

This is your chance to be a part of making Australian Constitutional history!

Embiggen Books - Your Australian Atheist/Skeptical Bookshop

Embiggen Books, an Australian bookstore devoted to promoting science, philosophy, rationalism and skepticism is now on Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Warren Bonett and Kirsty Bruce of Embiggen are also passionate and active members of the atheist and skeptical communities.

Australian Atheist Issues

For new members, if you want to get a grasp of some of the issues effecting atheists in Australia, you might like to take a look at the Atheist Nexus (Australia) submission on "Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st Century" made to the Australian Human Rights Commission early last year. It's long, but easy reading, and worth spending some time on. A report, using information compiled from submissions, should be released later this year.

Atheist Meetup Groups - Australia

If you'd like to meet up with some local atheists, there's no better way than joining your local Atheist Meetup, Skeptics, or Freethought Groups:

Adelaide Atheists
Ballarat Atheists
Brisbane Atheists
Canberra Social Skeptics
Melbourne Atheists
Launceston Skeptics
Macarthur Atheists (Macarthur Region, Sydney (NSW)
Perth Atheists
Perth Skeptics
Sunshine Coast Atheists
Sydney Atheists
Sydney Freethinkers
Western Sydney Freethinkers
Wollongong Skeptics Society

Have we missed your meetup group? Just let me know and I'll add it in.

Discussion Forum

Question from a visitor.

Started by Ted E Bear. Last reply by Chrys Stevenson Jan 17, 2013. 6 Replies

Naughty corner for not attending R.E? Yes, this is in NZ folks!!!

Started by Therese Monteath-Carr. Last reply by Blamer on twitter Dec 10, 2012. 3 Replies

Pell v Dawkins: this Monday

Started by Phillip A. Ellis. Last reply by Alice Apr 17, 2012. 3 Replies

Any Hamiltonian skeptics out there?

Started by Leela Moses Nov 16, 2011. 0 Replies

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Comment by Douglas Clifford on October 27, 2010 at 8:29pm
Chrys, I have added my "NO" to the Chronicles question
Comment by Douglas Clifford on October 27, 2010 at 8:28pm
From my reading, many (?most) Western Buddhists do not buy the reincarnation thing. Buddhism grew out of a Northern Indian milieu, that was immersed in reincarnation beliefs, and took this belief as part of its cultural baggage. The practices of mindfulness and meditation do NOT require any supernatural beliefs. The Buddha himself said that as the question of god/not god is a metaphysical one, and cannot be answered; better to get on with the Four Noble truths and the Eight-fold paths, than wasting time over unanswerable question.
Comment by Chrys Stevenson on October 27, 2010 at 6:33pm
Hey guys, could do with some help on a Toowoomba Chronicle poll on school chaplaincy. Can you also spread amongst your own networks? Fundies are flooding it.
Comment by DistroMan on October 27, 2010 at 12:02am
@Richard, no, not yet. I wish I had more time to listen to such things. I'm still trying to cut back on other things to make room. :)
Comment by Chrys Stevenson on October 26, 2010 at 5:43am
The AFA is only one of many atheist organizations in Australia. They are free to make their own rules. That doesn't mean that all Australian atheists agree with those rules or their definitions. Anyone who asserts they do not believe in the supernatural is welcome here and, I assume, in a wide variety of other atheist organizations throughout the country. I wouldn't worry to much about being excluded from the AFA website - some of the best people, including me, are.
Comment by DistroMan on October 26, 2010 at 5:36am
Alright, I'll be the turkey that pops up his head. :)

Not only am I a member of the AFA, but I am a Buddhist (I still don't like the term as it sounds religious, but what can you do) as well. So I commented on that discussion.
Comment by Chrys Stevenson on October 24, 2010 at 8:05am
Comment by Chrys Stevenson on October 24, 2010 at 7:57am
I've posted the following message on the Compass board with the discussion title Chaplains Must Go: Tonight's programme made it clear that chaplains are counselling children and bringing religion into our secular schools. Vicki O'Brien also made an excellent point in highlighting the Shine programme as religion by stealth. Mental health is a huge issue in schools and our children deserve qualified counsellors, not year 12 graduates who believe 'Jesus' is the answer to everything. The government should be ashamed of the amount it has ploughed into this misguided programme. Good luck to Ron Williams with his High Court Challenge. I've already donated at

They're moderating so it might take a while to come up - but please do go and post your views:
Comment by philip_rhoades on October 24, 2010 at 7:04am
BTW, I recorded the show it case anyone needs it . .
Comment by philip_rhoades on October 24, 2010 at 7:03am
I just posted a stroppy note on the ABC's Compass page about tonight's show - I didn't use bad language but was factual - it is a moderated comments page so it will be interesting to see if they print it . .

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