"All autistic kids are atheists and atheism is a form of autism"

That's the opinion of sociologist Fehmi Kaya, Head of the Health and Education Association for Autistic Children in Adana, a city in southern Turkey.

He claims that atheism is "due to a lack of a section for faith in their brains."  According to a Turkish newspaper, he calims that autistic children don't know how to believe in God because the portion of their brains that enables faith is underdeveloped.

It may be true that we don't know how to believe in God, but isn't necessarily because some portion of our brains is underdeveloped.  It's primarily because we can't get our heads as far up our own asses as the intellectual contortionist mentioned above.

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The article ticked me off and the sociologist makes at least two grave errors in his statements

1. all babies are born atheists (implicit atheism) and 2. religious belief is taught (just as he's trying to do with so-called therapy).

Also, if he's quoting from a study the UK Times reported on in 2011- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2039690/Atheism-auti...  He screws up there too.  Even that article stated that researches said that not all atheists have autism AND those who do have autism, need to decide for themselves what they believe.

This sociologist is a jack-ass.




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