Read this article and replace the word "Introvert" with "Aspie" and see if it still doesn't hold (mostly) true.


A lot of the personal memoirs and reflections of self-described "introverts" and "loners" that I have read since my DX, I read and think "undiagnosed Aspie".... 


>>>>>>>>> Here's some more articles for further reading on introversion:

>>>>>> --


Now, I have met NTs who claim to be introverts, but I think they're rare.  Maybe it's a lot like the relationship between Gamer nerds and Anime Otaku...not all of them are Aspies, but a lot of Aspies are Gamer nerds/Anime Otaku....


I self identified as "introvert" before my DX, but it lacks the explanatory power & legal protection of an actual A.S. diagnosis...



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Thanks for this I am Introverted. Yes I was thinking the same thing myself. There are many overlaps!




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