Simply put, we tend to use more prefrontal cortex to compensate for our lack of instinctive/empathic communication. We tend to be more objective, more logical, more likely to require evidence before accepting an out-there claim and more likely to question even our own out-there claims.

While there are definitely religious Autistics (just visit Wrong Planet's Politics, Philosophy and Religion forum), it seems to me that if one could do a study, our numbers would come out with more Atheists per capita than NTs. 


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True, and Aspies certainly aren't impervious to religion. I used to post on a lot and boy the religion forum could get heated.

Still though, with objectivity (or lack thereof) and rationality being major factors, I still would bet our per capita Atheism ratio is a bit higher than NTs. Just a hunch!

Wasn't there a story in the headlines awhile back that for us on the spectrum, our brains kinda short-circuit on teleological reasoning...questions like "What is the lesson in these events having happened", i.e. attributing some kind of agency to the universe/God...strike us IMMEDIATELY as absurd and we're likely to just blurt out "nothing; stuff just happens, dude!" where as NT atheists will initially get sucked in and then reason out that it's an absurd proposition.

After getting my A.S. diagnosis, I have a deeper understanding of why people prattling on with their platitudes about "everything happens for a reason" has always pissed me off so very, very much. ;-)


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