When does a truly meaningless republican debate take precedence over a president's speech to a joint session of congress? Why did Obama get talked into going up against the Packers and Saints?  The republcans get an open night for themselves - Obama gets a divided audiance.  Perhaps this isn't very important, but perception is reality, and it looks like Boenher's agenda is more important than that of the president.

 Obama just looks weak.  His speeches are delivered in a monotone.  All the good he did early on is forgotten.  He has no central theme, no agenda.  No vision.  He never counters the republicans on anything and doesn't blame them for anything.  They beat him up on the debt issue and now make him change his schedule.  The guy has become a moderater, not a leader.  What other president would put up with that?


I'm very disappointed.  As a democrat he embarrasses me.  And if he feels that it's necessary to keep appeasing the republicans, I'm not voting for him.   



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I could not agree with you more, except...


Who are you going to vote for? I'm pretty sure that I'd rather vote for Megan Fox than Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann or any other Republican. And voting third party is about as useful as voting for your favorite between coke and pepsi.


So if not Obama, who?


I would say this... you should sign up for Americans Elect. I joined as a last-ditch effort in actually voting in the upcoming presidential election. If this fails, I'll likely never participate in the American electoral system again... at least, not without a hell of a lot of change.


OK, I signed up, being curious, but I haven't run through the whole thing yet.


If Obama shows no sign of change, and I like AE, then I'l settle for that.  I will never vote for a republican, even the "compassionate" ones.  But if there is no alternative, and Obama continues his republicrat transformation, I'll vote for a third party candidate.




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