Protester With Gun Outside Obama Town Hall - Huffington Post

A man carried a handgun strapped to his leg to a town hall meeting being held by President Obama in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Tuesday.

It's legal for him to have the gun as long as it is unconcealed, the police told MSNBC. The man was on private property -- church ground on the roadway leading to the high school where Obama would speak. The church gave the man permission to be there. However, according to police officers, he is under constant surveillance and is not anywhere near where the president will speak.

Talking Points Memo points out that the man was carrying a sign referencing this Jefferson quote: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Hours before Obama was to arrive at Portsmouth High School, the road leading to the event site was lined with people - about 100 supporters of Obama's health care overhaul on one side and about half as many opponents on the other. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that the president was prepared for possible disruptions.

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What an idiot! Did you see this guy on Hardball? Chris Mathews interviewed him. He wouldn't admit that Obabma is a citizen. He thought that it would have been much safer if EVERYONE carried a gun. Couldn't come up with a single point on why the health care system is going to "destroy our democracy."

Just another example of the craziness out there. In my opinion, it all comes down to the fact that these guys can't stand it that a black man is president.

To be fair, his sign didn't have the "with the blood of patriots and tyrants" line on it. (I saw it) But Mathews pressed him on it, and made him admit that the line followed what was on his sign.

Here's an interesting site to fact check the rumors.
Just another example of the craziness out there. In my opinion, it all comes down to the fact that these guys can't stand it that a black man is president.

I think this has a lot to do with it. That and the fact that they're effin crazy!
I've had some very interesting experiences discussing this incident on another venue recently. On the morning of July 11th, Rob Kall, who runs the Op Ed News site created a thread called "Gun Toting Townhaller on Obama Route Calls For Blood" which generated 91 replies before he felt forced to remove it from the boards the next day. I assume his main reason was that over half the postings were a flame war between some of the site's regular members and what seemed to be an influx of trolls intent on doing the same thing on the OEN boards as similar people have done recently the town hall meetings on health care. They spouted all the usual right-wing propaganda, and it's damn hard for rational people to counter anyone who's using Hitler's "Big Lie" technique. So I guess the thread "had to go", but it still bothers me that it's no longer in the archives there, because the article in the OP and a number of the replies to it presented some information and opinions on the issue that I found worth saving in my personal files. I've already reposted two of my own contributions to this discussion my Yuku Community, "Revolutionary Spritualism", and I'm going to also post 'em here, because they're certainly on-topic in this thread, and IMO, worthy of further discussion.
Anyway, here's the text of the two messages I'm talking about, and I'd love to see comment on 'em by AN members:


Well, the guy in the picture is simply saying the only way out of the present crisis is to have a "Second American Revolution". Every time I read on the Web these days, I come across more people saying exactly the same thing. And it's not just people on the Communist/Anarchist Left or the Fascist right but advocates of reasonably "respectable" progressive or palaeoconservative ideologies. Something similar happened back in the late Sixties and early Seventies, but at that time the "center held". The problem is, right now it looks like the "center" is imploding right in front of our eyes because of institutional malfunctions that have been developing for over a century and probably can't be corrected "within the system" in time to do any good.

The most basic cause of our present social,political, and economic problems is that the system of checks and balances set up by the Constitution has ALREADY been allowed to erode to the point where we essentially have a plutocracy rather than a constitutional republic. It's not just we've adopted the "bad" version of the "Golden Rule" -- "He who has the most gold, rules." -- we've also allowed control of about 80% of the country's wealth to fall into the hands of about 2% of the population. So we not only have a plutocracy, but one controlled by a tiny elite. Even worse, the Bill of rights is now a shambles, and America is essentially a police state where the government spies on everyone and government employees have gained an almost complete monopoly on the use of force. And to top things off, the existing economic power elite has allowed the country's industrial infrastructure to deteriorate to the point where we import most of the manufactured goods we consume and pay for them with "funny money" that could lose its value at any time.

So I suspect that if Thomas Jefferson were around today, he'd also be talking about it being time to refresh the tree of with the blood of patriots and tyrants. And maybe he'd be wise enough to tell the one from the other, but I'm not all sure I can....

Reply: This guy may be for real

Joe the Plumber was essentially pulling a scam that's very, very common for political activists of all persuasions, but is still unethical by most people's standards. He asked a political candidate some "hard questions" while pretending that the answers would effect him personally. If he hadn't posed as an affluent employee about to start his own business, the Republicans wouldn't have made a mascot of him and the Democrats wouldn't have slapped him with a set of reality checks that made him a public laughing-stock. Mr. Kostric, on the other hand, may very well be telling "nothing but the truth" about his political opinions and activism. As I said in an earlier posting in this thread, more and more Americans of many different political persuasions seem to be coming to the conclusion that a Revolution is necessary, so it's quite reasonable to conclude that he's simply a Ron Paul supporter who has jumped on this bandwagon. I'm very close to jumping on it myself, though I'm a radical leftist, and if civil war comes, he and I may very well be on opposite sides of the barricades. However, it's also possible that we may end up fighting the same real enemies -- the super-rich and their slaves who try to impose their will on all Americans by force -- without ever coming into confrontation with one another.

I said at least six months before the 2008 election that unless a progressive politician with real guts and leadership ability were elected President and got heavy backing from the Democrats in Congress, that the American economy would grind to a halt during the next few years and only a Revolution could get the wheels turning again. I voted for Obama because I thought he was a lot closer to this ideal than McCain/Palin, but I still wasn't that hopeful that he was "The Man" who could turn things around. And the more compromises he makes, the less hopeful I become.

So this guy may not be just another "Joe the Plumber" playing a cheap political game, but a "man ahead of his time"....


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