Yes, Mr. Beer is the Mr. Coffee of beer, but with the right recipe a good beer can be had.  Their website has some good recipes I have tried, including the Jalapeno Pepper Beer!  Aye carumba!  Does anyone else use Mr. Beer?

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I just got a Mr. Beer. I've made wine & mead before, and I'm curious how their mixes are. I will probably use some my own hops in the boil of my first try, as I like a hoppy beer. We'll see. The jalapeno beer sounds interesting... 

The jalapeno beer recipe is called "Fire in the Hole Chile Beer" if you look for it on the Mr Beer website.  Another good one is "Jefferson's Colonial Ale."

I have the Mr. Beer kit but I use it mostly for rough test batches of homebrew (of either ales, meads, ciders, or lagers)* and there is always a lot of trub (sediment)* left in the racking (transferring the contents from one container to another; as in: bottling or moving to another fermentation process)*. 

If the first batch turns out okay, I will then use my larger set to make the same recipe where I will use a second or a third fermenter to even out the trub and increase the alcohol content from the 3.5% of Mr. Beer (average) to about 6% or higher depending on the style. 

I much prefer kegging because there are not as many bottles to deal with and/or keep track of but this system doesn't do well when lagering new recipes.  

* //for those who maybe interested and may not know the vernacular of homebrewing craft//


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