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feel free to post suggestions for other sites where you'd like to see out presence.

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Atheist Nexus is my favorite networking site by far. I tried myspace a couple years back and abandoned it almost immediately. I checked out Facebook for the first time over the holiday weekend and I was not terribly pleased. I think that a specialized site is better for real dialogue than a general purpose social networking site. (Melody's Freethought Forum was my previous favorite, but it died after Beltway Atheists took off.) I also think that this site would be better than the meetup groups for substantive conversation, as opposed to announcements and news items.

I think I may begin posting items with serious intellectual content here rather than in the meetup groups. I intend to write a more detailed rationale and post it on the B.A. & VFR lists.
Ralph -

We also have forums on the Beltway Atheist's meetup site. They aren't used much but I just set them up about a month ago. http://www.meetup.com/beltwayatheists/messages/boards/




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