Interesting blog post from 10000Birds website.  "Are there so many birds that cats don't matter".  Takes time to analyse the question.  I still don't know where I fall on this.  I do have a spayed cat who never adapted to indoor life so is indoor/outdoor.  I don't get dead birds left on the step.  She's pretty lazy - I've seen her ignore a live mouse. 

The linked blog post seems more balanced than some articles I have read.

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Thank you Sentient. Great discussion. I've meet some die-hard birders who just detest cats. I happen to love cats. MY kitty was only an indoor cat and was neutered.

I am looking at the article now.

Glad you liked it Steph.

Feral cats kill 480 million birds in US every year - Responsible fo...

More than 30 bird species have been wiped out

  • Feral cats are invasive and pose a threat to native fauna and public health.
  • Three separate studies showed that most feral cats (62 to 80 per cent) carry the parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis - a condition of special concern to pregnant women.
  • Cats are responsible for the extinction of at least 33 species of birds.
  • Feral cats kill an estimated 480 million birds in the US each year. 
  • Feeding feral cats encourages them to congregate which encourages the chances of diseases being transmitted.
  • The supplemental feeding of feral cats should be prohibited.
  • Cats will kill wildlife no matter how well they are fed.

I love cats Joan - Have you heard of Alley Cat Allies?

Well I cannot post the entire website here - but debunks most of what you just posted.

Cats & the Environment Resource Center

Cats have lived outdoors for more than 10,000 years—they are a natural part of the landscape. Today, they live healthy lives outdoors and play important roles in the ecosystem—as they did thousands of years ago and as all domestic cats are biologically adapted to do. What has changed in that time is how people have re-shaped the environment to suit our needs, at a great cost to the other species that share our ecosystem.

The tools in this center will help you advocate on behalf of cats and understand the implications behind calls for cats to be “removed” from the environment—and killed.

Very good site Steph, I am glad you are able to demonstrate that my article misleads and overstates. My problem as with many gardeners, we love our bird population and enjoy cats coming for visits and of course it becomes clear that feeding stations for birds became fine dining for cats. Feathers all over the place. So I started building fences and shelters where the cats can't get birds. Occasionally, a cat gets a bird, but most it is now a spectator sport for cats and I can enjoy all the company. 

Hello Joan!
We are good - not upset or anything. Sentient found the page I was trying to link before. It's a good page to visit.
I happen to be someone who likes animals - in this case - I love the birds and the cats.

Maybe this page?

I think it's good to learn these things.  Then I know what to think when reading about it, or when talking to people.  It's like deciding who is right in politics.

My critters all pretty much get along - dogs, cat, chickens.  Except one of the dogs has killed a chicken.  The chickens are bigger than the cat, so she doesn't bother them.  But raccoons do.  

I did have a koy pond.  Which brought herons to the yard.  I don't know whether it was the herons or the raccoons that ate the koi.

Stream of consciousness.  Tired.  Sorry. 

Thank you Sentient - I was trying to find that page. Appreciate it very much!


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