Hiking 101: Autumn hiking tips

Now that autumn is underway throughout the country, we all have several things to look forward to: pumpkins, apple cider, and fall hiking!

When planning an autumn hike there are several factors to consider in order to make it the most safe and enjoyable experience possible:

Obtain schedules of local hunting seasons and wear a blaze orange hat, vest, or pack cover. Also, if hunters are in the area, call out "Hikers on the trail!" to let them know that it's a person rustling down the trail, not wildlife.
Be aware that days are getting shorter. In some areas the sun is setting close to 5 PM now, so when planning that little "shortcut," make sure the batteries in your headlamp are fresh.
Days are also getting colder and even a little drizzle can leave you dangerously chilled. Have waterproof and insulating garments available and try to incorporate a few more calories into your trailside snacks.
In the colder regions, fall is a great time to see wildlife stocking up for winter hibernation. Most of these critters will be active around dawn or dusk - sitting still during these times can increase your chances of seeing some great wildlife!

Enjoy the crisp fall air and the changing color of the leaves.


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