Urge nearby cities to dim high-rise lights during bird migration season.

...the average high-rise is responsible for 700 to 1,000 bird deaths a year. Inclement weather can significantly increase this total.

Researchers also found that dimming the lights of these high-rises during the migratory season reduced bird mortality by an average of 83%.

Migrating songbirds are disproportionately affected by window strikes because they travel at night.

Toronto’s skyline is shown above, both with lights at normal levels (top) and during times of heavy bird migration when lights are dimmed (bottom).

Lights Out Programs prevent over 200,000 Bird-Window Collisions ann...

The most heavily affected species are migratory birds that winter in the tropics, known as Neotropical migrants. These window strike victims were found by volunteers with Baltimore’s Lights Out program. The species are, from left to right, an American woodcock, a black-eyed junco, a yellow-bellied sapsucker, an ovenbird, a catbird, and a northern flicker.

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