Those delightful extravagant male ornaments such as bright color and showy plumes are likely to disappear due to selective pressure from the changing climate.

Climate change is making birds uglier after ‘dramatic’ U-turn in ev...

Elaborate ornaments used to signal sexual fitness, which have delighted generations of birdwatchers, could start to disappear as animals come under pressure from global warming

...  a major new study of collared flycatchers on the Baltic island of Gotland, spanning more than 30 years, has discovered a “dramatic reversal” in the evolution of this trait in a finding that suggests climate change could result in many birds becoming less attractive.

The researchers said other studies suggested this reduction in “ornamentation” could be happening all over Europe and that more species could be similarly affected.

After a cold spring, “highly ornamented” males did well, but after a warm one they did not and the balance of power between small and large-patched males finally switched in the late 1990s.

The precise mechanism driving the change has not been established, but biologists have long studied the evolutionary pros and cons of elaborate ornamentation to attract a mate versus putting all efforts into straight-forward survival so an animal stays alive and is therefore still able to breed. [emphasis mine]

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When the going gets hard, there's no room for frills.

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Interesting.  I've not heard this before.

I like that statement:  When the going gets hard, there's no room for frills.  Off the topic, but that's why my walls, house, garden, car, and a few other things are plain and functional.




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