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Well, let me think, the pros of bringing back passenger pigeons are that we will have more birds to pump fecal material onto park benches, tables and ponds which will put more nutrients into the stagnant waters and increase mosquito populations. The cons are ... the same as the pros.

Graphic: How scientists hope to "de-extinct" the passenger pigeon.

I think we can and will see almost any extinct creature again but the one I want to see is the woolly mammoth.

I look at it in this way.  Yes we are here to stay, but we are the invaders.  To be able to bring back something we killed off, is just amazing.  Besides, pigeons (doves being the same thing) are given a bad reputation, unjustly.  They do not spread mass disease to human being.  They are intelligent  family orientated, a marvel of survival and durability, and very complicated, including their navigation skills.  The pigeon is a beautiful bird, but because it is common, we fail to notice it sometimes.  Pigeons are bred all over the world in various sizes, shapes, feather development, and colors.

Before advancements in technology, the pigeon was used to transport secret messages which saved lives. Using a hose to wash off those droppings, is a great feed for the garden, unlike human manure which has spread disease around the world and has polluted our oceans.

I would love to be one the first people to identify a passenger pigeon at my feeder.

I like the way you look at it! Makes more sense than my thoughts. I hope you have the opportunity to be one of the first to see one in your garden. On second thought, I would like to see one, and a flock in my garden.

Your photos reveal lovely birds. Do you know the kind of sound they make? I love the mourning dove.  

Looks similar to our other native doves.

Lovely pictures - thank you!

Dominic thank you so much - I talked about this in one of my classes. I enjoyed reading it. I love the pictures too.


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