How Do Ravens Differ From Crows?

Everybody probably know this but I don't. So 

"Ravens are remarkable birds.  And while not dismissing their cousin crows as the boring wallflowers of the party, ravens have a story of their own that’s worth knowing."

"Smaller" is relative; crows gather all around my place and I can't tell if their bills are long or short. 

"The feather tufts at the neck and wedge-shaped tail feathers in flight also differentiate it from a crow."

Now that is helpful information, I shall look for tufts. 

"So will its distinctive vocalizations, which include an assortment of low quorks, knocks, and mumbles." 

Jeeze, my crows/ravens make all sorts of sounds. Here goes a Google search for Crow and Raven sounds. 

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Thanks for the wonderful video Joan!
I enjoyed reading the article. I did learn that distinction in Ornithology, but I enjoyed reading it nonetheless.
I sure do appreciate you posting this.
I really love ravens and crows in fact.

OK Steph, how do you tell the difference? 

Ravens have a larger size and heavier bill.

I like whatever that black bird is that likes to visit with me in the morning. I still don't know if it is a crow or raven. Guess I have to get up close and personal. 

This blackbird with a lovely song would be a nice addition to a garden. I wonder if there are any in the USA? 




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