Many of you have probably heard this one - the USFWS and decided in its infinite wisdom that yes, the only way we can save that Northern Spotted Owl is NOT to limit more logging, NOT to limit development, NOT to fund more research, NOT to purchase other old growth habitat out of private ownership, but instead - kill a competing owl that is flying over here from the eastern United States.

Yes, that's right. This owl, the barred owl, seems to be increasing in numbers - migrating from the eastern United States as development reduces its habitat over there.

It is already an established native species, but it is pretty aggressive, and has no problem kicking the northern spotty out of its habitat and taking over.

So, more barred owls means less habitat and less food. 

The solution to this problem is obvious to the Federal Government. Shoot the barred owls as they arrive. Up to 3,600. Apparently, this magic number is enough to send the message to the barred owls over in the eastern United States to stop flying over here (?) and all will be well. Read more:

These are my favorite statements from the article:

"Habitat loss and competition from recently arrived barred owls (are) the most pressing threats to the northern spotted owl." - Quote from the USFWS.

How will they kill the barred owls? The USFWS means business - 

""All lethal removal should be done by shotgun of 20 gauge or larger bore, using non-toxic lead substitute (e.g., Hevi-shot) shot. Lead shot should not be used. Rifles, pistols, or other firearms or methods are not authorized under this protocol. We recommend using a shotgun with a full choke."

What do you think? 

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I think they should talk to some Wildlife Biologists and get some more opinions on this. I don't think they should kill one species of bird to save another one.

There are better ways to solve the problem.

I am going to do more research on this issue. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention.




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