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Both my grandmothers raised chickens and we had quite a ritual on chicken day of dropping a handfull of grain at our feet and then grabbing the ones that they wanted for Sunday dinner. I don't remember having chicken during the week.

Some were aggressive as I remember and killers. I remember my revulsion watching when one killed another. 

My daughter and son-in-law raised chickens for a season or two, but their work load was too heavy and they didn't have time. A little banty hen wandered in and she became known as "one egg a day chicken." She was a wonderful pet and followed their big dog everywhere. She chose her nest on top of a hay stack and every day she gave a tiny little egg. Sadly, a raccoon killed her and we all miss her.  They have a grave marker for another, Rooster Cogburn, taken out by some wild animal. 

I am really pleased Laura and her family live in the country, even if there are some risks to pets. 




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