Insecticides based on nicotine are widely suspected as culprits in the dramatic decline of both domestic and wild bees. Now it turns out they're just as bad for aquatic food chains and BIRDS.

“A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird,” Palmer said. “Even a tiny grain of wheat or canola treated with the oldest neonicotinoid -- called imidacloprid -- can fatally poison a bird. And as little as 1/10th of a neonicotinoid-coated corn seed per day during egg-laying season is all that is needed to affect reproduction.”

Birds, Bees, and Aquatic Life Threatened by Gross Underestimate of ...

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I think of these pesticides as all out warfare on nature.  The information about them so far is very bad.  The companies that make them probably know that.  Which makes it even worse.  I don't know what the average person can do about it.  I garden organically, so I think at least I'm not making the problem worse. I hope so, anyway.

Yes, pesticides are very toxic to birds. Thanks for the article Ruth.




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