North American Birds Declining as Threats Mount

Global warming, habitat loss, wind turbines, and cats are factors.

"To me, the top three threats to birds overall are habitat loss, habitat loss, and habitat loss," says Ken Rosenberg of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

This story of how we're pushing our birds to extinction is a depressing read.

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This report provides sad news, indeed. I wonder if it would ever be possible to create a multi-national, multi-continent agreement to protect and preserve the natural habitat? Surely, with changes in weather patterns and in farming crops, there will be great effects on birds. We just don't know enough about their habits to make informed decisions.

A new problem to me:
"Habitat loss doesn't necessarily mean acts as overt as turning forests into subdivisions or prairies into cornfields. For years, ornithologists have been worried about the cerulean warbler, a small blue-and-white bird of the eastern woodlands. Studies have shown a population decline for the species in recent decades of 50 to nearly 80 percent in some areas.

"Biologists long thought that ceruleans needed mature deciduous forest, and were puzzled when the birds didn't breed in what seemed like good habitat.

"But thanks to newer research, they now know that ceruleans need broken mature forest, with gaps in the canopy—a condition not present in even-aged woodland created by modern forestry practices. Modify a mature forest to create gaps, and ceruleans will return."

Sad news




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