Recently I went to view the Whooping Cranes at a Wildlife refuge - putting up a few pics for everyone.

Green-winged Teal

Reddish Egret and Double Breasted Cormorants

Roseate Spoonbill

Whooping Crane

Brown Pelican

Enjoy - I have more I might post later too

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Nice photos, thanks!

These are great photos! The diversity of birds amazes me and I remember so well enjoying them on our trips to the coast when we lived at Ft. Hood, Ft. Sam, and Ft. Bliss. Real treasures. 

My little flock of sparrows with a few chick-a-dees, house swallows, and bats, with a hawk every now and then completes my variety. I try to tease in goldfinch with recorded bird calls. 

Hi Steph, I'm from San Antonio and was down to the coast a couple of weeks ago. Your pictures are so much better than mine, I really enjoyed yours. A friend who went with me took this pic. 

A beautiful place to see all the sea and migratory birds. Texas is a great place for birding. Looking forward to seeing your photos Barbara! 

Joan, I am such a novice at photography my pics come no where near the quality of most on here. I'm determined to learn more about my camera and take pics of birds in my newly installed bird feeding area. Yesterday a great-tailed grackle was hilariously trying to take a bath in a tray of water I had put out for the small birds, even though there was a large tray a foot away. He inspired me to get out my camera and take pictures. In the meantime, I just love looking at the pics on this site!

Thank you Barbara for looking at my pictures. Thanks for posting yours too.




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