Restoring Europe's Vultures

"What is true: Over the last 25 years, humans have decimated vulture populations in Africa and Asia, mainly through poisoning, persecuting the birds, and destroying their habitat. Europeans also managed to nearly wipe out the birds in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Now, with European Union legislation in place to ban offending poisons and cap overhunting of wild herbivores (the vulture’s preferred food source), the raptors are making a comeback in some regions. "

“Vultures fulfill a very important ecological role—cleaning the countryside of carcasses that otherwise would breed disease, After the collapse of vulture populations in India, rabies increased significantly because populations of feral dogs grew to feast on carcasses that otherwise would have been stripped clean by vultures.”
~ VCF director Jose Tavares, Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF)

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