Complicated. Apparently Scotts Miracle Gro applied toxic pesticides to aid with storage of bird seed.  Unfortunately the pesticides were toxic to  birds and fish.  Big fine.  Article doesn't state which bird seeds.  "

As a result, EPA issued more than 40 Stop Sale, Use or Removal Orders to Scotts to address more than 100 pesticide products.

In addition to the $6 million civil penalty, Scotts will complete environmental projects, valued at $2 million, to acquire, restore and protect 300 acres of land to prevent runoff of agricultural chemicals into nearby waterways

Environment News Service (

Looks like Scotts brand is "Morning Song".  I don't know if they sell/sold under other labels.

Other brands sold by Scotts:  Country PrideMorning SongScotts Songbird Selections, and Scotts Wild Bird Food

Learn more:

I wonder if I've been poisoning birds when I thought I was helping them.  I bet I did.  I don't recall those brands, but with relabeling, it's hard to say what we've bought.  If so, I feel bad about that.

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I just reposted to Facebook. 

Sentient, this is bad news indeed. I've tried so hard to get birds into my wildlife refuge and if the seeds I purchased have poison, I shall really be angry. My brands aren't the brands you listed. But who knows who gets Miracle Groseeds?

     The plaintiffs claim that Scotts sold 73 million units of bird food between November 2005 and the 2008 recall. They filed the class action under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

According to this the seeds should be long gone.  They were caught in the act 4 years ago.  What really makes me mad is the managers knew about this, and continued committing their crimes.  I hope they are without their jobs, and preferably in jail now.  I doubt it, but I hope so.

Joan, all I can think is that fortunately, they got caught.  

I hope all current seeds are untainted.  I looked at the label for the seeds I use, nothing about Scotts or MiracleGro.  Like you say, and I wonder, who knows about redistributing and repackaging, but I hope the bad seeds are gone.  

Maybe for next year I can grow some of my own.  I don't know.  Most people don't get to do that.  Too late for this year.

The area I fenced off to keep the cats and raccoons from the feeding station is sprouting all kinds of plants, some look like corn, other like millet. My plan is to let them grow and save them. What I have this year will not be enough to feed them for very long. Hopefully, you can grow your own on your little "farm". I can picture you next autumn with a hand scythe, cutting bird seed and winnowing it. No, on second thought, the birds can winnow their own. 

Do you have a name for your acreage?  "Aviary Acres," "Biped's Birds," "Sentient Sanctuary," "Wildlife World."  Oh well, I never was good at naming things. 

No name yet.  We just call it "The place in Battleground" since it's in Battleground.

I was thinking along the same lines, Joan.  Plant seeds from the bird seed package.  I could grow sunflowers, easily.  A few would go a long way.

Sounds like a good strategy. 

I keep reading about this.  Here is the company's official statement:  here

It is sad state of affairs that funding for important nature conservancy project come as a result of harmful events. 

"As a part of our agreements on all of these issues, ScottsMiracle-Gro agreed to fund several important environmental projects. We committed to perform community service by providing $500,000 in five equal portions of $100,000 to the Ohio Audubon’s Important Bird Area Program, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Urban Forestry Program, the Columbus Metro-Parks Bird Habitat Enhancement Program, the Cornell University Ornithology Laboratory, and the Nature Conservancy of Ohio. We also committed to provide at least $2 million in funds to acquire, restore, and conserve over 300 acres of land throughout Ohio in association with the Black Swamp Conservancy."

~ Jim Hagedorn, Chairman and CEO

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

They should pay more fines. They got off easy.

"Company-wide net sales through the first nine months were $2.45 billion" from here.

Lots to read here to get caught up.
I didn't know about this so I am glad you informed us.
I will tell all the birders I know.
I hope they pay a big fine.




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