Yesterday, my wife and I went on a van - plane - boat tour of some of the points of interest on the island of Kauai.  It was a pretty good time, which ended at the Kilauea Bird Sanctuary on the east coast of the island.  The site is marked by a decommissioned lighthouse, and is a preserve for several species of birds ... including young ones:

There were a number of fork-tailed seabirds about, which I hear tell are called, "frigates:"

Plenty of gulls, of course, including some striking-looking gray gulls:

And the state bird of Hawaii, the "ne-ne goose" ... or in this case, GEESE:

The one thing we DIDN'T see there but which you see nearly EVERYWHERE else are the chickens.  Trust me, they ARE everywhere, and if you ask three people how they got that way, you'll get a minimum of three different stories, having to do with cockfighting and hurricanes and who knows what else.  Regardless of HOW they got here, trust me, they're here, all right:

That was taken at the Wailua Fern Grotto, a rather neat place with some beautiful flora, though not much fauna other than the aforementioned chickens!

Hope you enjoy this!

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Wow Loren! What a wonderful trip. So happy you shared this with us. Very beautiful photography. I would live to visit that sanctuary.




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