Skeleton of D-Day pigeon found in chimney.  Coded message was found.  Cool!

Countless pigeons successfully delivered messages and saved thousands of lives during war times


I didn't know...   In China pigeons are still used by the army, which has 10,000 pigeons ready to be used if modern communications collapse.  Another article about Chinese Military's homing pigeons.




Homing pigeons are bred to be able to find their way home.  Interesting to read that Persians and Egyptians used them 3,000 years ago.  Also 1,000 years ago in Iraq, and by Genghis Khan. 


Apparently homing pigeons navigate using geography in combination with their own navigational...


pic from wikimedia commons.  WWI Carrier pigeon.






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Wow! I enjoyed reading that Sentient. Love this kind of stuff. I appreciate it very much. Thank you

Thank you


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