Well, not many discussions going on, so I really wanted to start one. I can't think of a specific topic, so I'll just start ranting about me. I'm a female in a serious straight relationship. My boyfriend and I love eachother and are lucky to have one another. We consider ourselves to have an open relationship, we are into swinging and up for pretty much anything. I consider myself bisexual, although I've never actually had a sexual experience with a woman. I do know that I am definitely sexually attracted to women. At the moment, we are actively seeking out a swinging experience with people who are like-minded. It's proving quite hard to find an atheist, swinging couple in middle Tennessee. I don't know anyone else who is in a situation anywhere similar to ours and joined this group hoping to find some people I could identify with. Comment if you'd like, I'd be happy to hear from you guys!!!

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I'm thinking that Tennesse doesn't have nude resorts or swing clubs, so, finding people on line would be your best bet.
Have you tried swinglifestyle.com? You can find out where the meet and greets are in your area at the least and that function is free.
Two of my friends are swingers. The man is straight (unless a really hot girl wants him to be bi for the evening), the woman is bi. They're great people.
Does it matter whether the swingers are atheist or not? I mean swinging is mostly about sex. Although I can understand too. I'm bi and polyamorous and tired of how almost everyone in that crowd is pagan--mostly this annoys me more than other religions b/c I'm an ex-pagan.

Has swinging worked out for you? I "swung" with one couple, the whole transitioning into sexy stuff part was kind of awkward, but they turned out to be really nice people. I think I was just really lucky with that b/c sex w/ people you don't really know is a risk--they don't know you, so they may not have your best interests in mind. Also I think with larger groups of people it's more unlikely everyone will be attracted to everyone else, and then there are 2 possibilities: either some people will feel left out, or someone is going to be doing sexy stuff with someone they're not attracted to just to make them feel better. Some swingers also seem to be desensitized to sex. I'm curious of what your own observations are on the swinging scene. Well those are the conclusions I came to after examining the subculture, but if others enjoy it, to each their own!
Swinging is hard. My wife and I tried it and never successfully found another couple that we were all compatible, so we now have an open relationship. She has her friends and I have mine. I think to have an open relationship is sometimes harder but it works better for us. you have to be ok with sometimes you staying home with nothing to do and your partner having a date. . . instead of both going out and both having fun at the same time. But we have been doing it for awhile now and it has been good.

Plus being open it is easier to find people more like you, be an atheist or have similar interests sexual wise. So, Hunt well, and enjoy your catch. . . ;-) Stay honest and open and everything works!!




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