In my local atheist group we have discussed setting up a booth at the
local gay pride day event to get some new members- the logic behind it
being that these people were directly harmed by religion... it seemed
to make sense to me. But I sent out a newsletter saying "okay this is
what we're working on right now and we need donations desperately" one
of those things was the booth (among a couple other things including a
billboard and protesting our local city council who have decided to
pray before meetings now) and I got a huge huge backlash of people
telling me that we shouldn't get involved with gay people.. it was too
controversial.. that i was trying to force my beliefs on them- that i
just had an agenda because i am bisexual.. we even had about half a
dozen people leave. So what are your thoughts on leaving out lgbt
issues and the like from an atheist group? Some people even said if we
did a gay pride booth then we should do a pro life booth.. again, what
are your thoughts on this? I could really use some advice.. It just
seems like specifically not doing this booth is saying "oh no, we can't
get involved with *those* people". I should also add that about half of
the people who spoke up about it were for the booth and half were
against it (it was about 45% for and 55% against).

I try very hard to have activities for everyone and I know that not everyone will
want to attend every meeting- some want a social group, some want an
activist group.. we have things like this booth, the billboard, the
city council thing, as well as plans for a helping the homeless
program, adopt a highway, etc and we also have bowling nights, movie
nights, dinner nights, and backyard BBQ's for people who just want to
have some social time with non religious people.

As members of the atheist and lgbt communities, how would you feel if you saw an atheist booth at a pride day event? Do you think the two mesh? How many church booths do you usually see? Do you think some lgbt members feel like the churches are their only choice?

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At pride events in Philadelphia I see plenty of open and affirming churches, as well as synagogues. (And there's usually a minister or priest handing out "GAY BY GOD" stickers, which for me are wrong on both points.) An atheist group being represented would be great; it would declare to LGBTQ* people and friends that religious communities are not "their only choice".




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