I discovered this piece from the Huffington Post thanks to email by Sheela Lambert:

Today, September 23, is Bisexual Visibility Day!  As a sexual identity that is often overlooked or "erased" from media representations of the LGBT community (and which can be invisible even in the queer community), taking one day every year to bring awareness to this marginalized group of people is crucial (and, really, we should be doing this every day).  

In honor of Bi Visbility Day we took to Tumblr and did a round up of some of the great art celebrating this excellent holiday:

Two cartoons from there that caught my eye:

(click for the original large versions on Tumblr)

[young woman and man wearing bi colors] “This week has been awesome! What should we do today?” “Let’s sneak into a movie theater again!” [they smile and snicker as they go under the rope] [from out of frame] “...Um.” [ticket taker] “Where do you think you’re going?” “You can SEE us?” “Uh, yeah. Duh.” “Wait. What day is it?” “September 23rd. Crap. That means it’s--” “BISEXUAL VISIBILITY DAY!” “So... are you gonna buy tickets, or...?” [unhappily buying tickets] “The ONE day.”

(Happy Bisexual Visibility Day!, by whynotboth)

Living the Bi Life“Wait, you’re a lesbian now?” “No. I told you I’m bi.”“Back to men? I knew you were straight.” “Nope. Still bi.”“So, I guess you’re pan now?” “But...” “Don’t bother” “Bi=2. So, yeah definitely pan”“I don’t know why you even need a label”[in tattoo parlor, holding up a “BI” sign] “Right on the forehead”(No one defines you but you, by Artsy Artichoke)

(See more: "Great Art from Tumblr Celebrates Bisexual Visibility Day")

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