I am currently working at a polling place for the election. A ultra-conservative fanatical baptist xtian had the nerve to get in my face and say the following:

Young lady, I hope you do not make the same mistake this time like you did last time when you voted for Obama.

I got back in his face and I said, excuse the f*ck out of you. First of all, let's get a few goddamn things straight.

  1. Not all black people voted for Obama.
  2. Not that it's any of your business, I did not vote for Obama and I did not vote for McCain.
  3. With every living black person in this country, there is not enough black people to create the majority to put Obama in office.

Get your facts straight, you idiot.

He was shocked at my response and then he asked these three questions.

  1. Do you follow Jesus Christ?
  2. What church do you go to?
  3. If you were to drop dead today, do you think Christ will allow you into heaven?

Here's my answers.

  1. Hell no.
  2. I don't have one. I AM ATHEIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Let's see. If you follow the B.S. in the book of revelation and it says that only 144,000 will be going to heaven and if you count the 7+ living billion people on this planet and consider the trillions that passed away from the beginning of time and the trillions of animals and insects past and future, THAT IS ONE HELL OF A LOTTERY WIN. So it has to be determined who is the 144,000. Man or animals. So my answer is no for me and you.

Then this fool, brought up Obama's socialist views. I told him that you have to burn your buybull and disavow your xtian teachings. He asked why and I said that the buybull is the bible that created socialism. After all, everyone is taught that we have to help everybody and nothing in the bible that says, that only G'd helps those who help themselves.

He looked at me and started to mumble something and I said out loud, I cannot hear you. I said, either you speak now or forever hold your peace.

He threw his political literature down and walked away. While walking away, he was shaking his fist and turned around and said, I am inviting you to my church. This fool was stupid enough to give me his name and the name of his church.

I yelled back, you bring the poker chips and I will bring the beer, Jack Daniels and the tequila.

I've decided to create a blog about my experience. I'm trying to create a name for my blog.

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How about "Round In The Chamber" ... because it's pretty clear you have one there, and a full clip behind it!  Alternatively, "Not A Stereotype" or "Not What You Expected" or (if you want to be edgy) "Not Your Bitch".

BTW, I'm not a poker player, myself, but I'd be glad to front a fifth of Glenlivet for the party.  Meantime, I'd say, "Kick ass and take tickets," but it's pretty clear you already are!  Have a good one.

I have not started on the blog yet.  I am recovering from two surgeries and school at the same time.  Let's just say that I have been very busy hanging out with atheists.

Good job!

How about "Black Atheist Chick?"

Round In The Chamber is an excellent idea.

Glad you like it.  You'll be receiving my bill shortly!  [grin!]  Seriously, use it in good health.

Hilarious. Hell, if there was a church where you could bring Jack Daniels, I'd go, too!


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