Has this time of year changed for anyone? As an atheist, do you still participate in holiday activities? I am well aware of the fact that this time of year is not exclusive to the religious. I just would like to start a discussion as to whether, after becoming an atheist, there have been any changes.

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It does make things a little awkward when the majority of my friends are "believers". I like the holidays when it comes to the sales and getting things that I want or need. For the past 4 to 5 years I have not had a tree in my house or many decorations. This year was different, but the decorations were for the believer I happen to love (who also respects my position on religion). After openly being an atheist, I don't get many invites. I don't like to go places where they "pray". SO, things are very different, but I'm HAPPY. Thats what counts.

The key word for me is "day."  In other words, a day off.  People get on my case for not putting up a tree.  I have not put up a tree since I was 9 years old and I haven't missed that tree since.

This time of the year has not changed for me. I do not personally participate in the holidays. Holidays for me is comparable to being indoctrinated into a religion or cult. We were taught these things as children & I personally decided long ago to do away with childish things. You can celebrate any time of the year & make up your own traditions & holidays as you see fit as individuals. Most holidays are about propaganda & big businesses. The only purpose the holidays serve for me are days off of work.     




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