Just out of curiosity, how many here grew up as a Jehovah's Witness or have family members that are?

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I used to study with a JW female who knocked on my door in the 80's. Their doctrine is very informative in many ways, but still could not anwser the questions I had at the time. I was always uncomfortable with the idea of knocking on peoples doors to bring the "Good News" to folk. I have some family members who are JW, but I accept them just as they are.
I was a J W for some years, a long time ago. Some of my family are still active members. And I am definitely not welcomed in some of their homes.
I knew who they were, but I didn't really grow up with them. They weren't allowed to play with us. Later a very good friend was a JW and he and I got along famously unless we discussed theology.

I used to see them standing on the Chicago, South-Side, street corners with their magazines (The Watchtower). I never interacted with any of them. They would stand out there in heavy dresses and suits in the middle of July sweating like dogs.
Wouldn't they either be panting like dogs or sweating like horses?
I grew up Roman Catholic. My extended family is Christian for the most part. As a child, my parents always pointed out they were practicing Catholics and that was that. As an adult Atheist, I've always thought that if someone genuinely wished to communicate the way JW professed to desire dialogue with me, I'd invite them in and talk about our Nation's freedom of religious practice clause in the Bill of Rights. Once this happens however, they usually close up shop and move on.

Too many

My family on both sides is very JW. My father was a Bethelite and a missionary. I was born abroad as a result. The religion has been one of the most dysfunctionally divisive forces of family destruction.

I was a Witness until I was 13 and most of my fam back in Brooklyn and Upstate are as well. Ironically, so is my ex girlfriend, and it's the reason she broke up with me. An off the cuff comment got me "Apostate'd".

I lived with my grandparents for 3 years and they were Baptists turned Jehovah Witnesses. Grandma did not hold to that claim but my grandfather did even though he never attended any meetings. His oldest son (my uncle) lived right up the road from us and his entire family was Witnesses that did make meetings. My 4 cousins and myself were very close, but today 2 of them are Pentecostal. I went that route also until I realized that I am atheist. You can blame too much bible study for that.   :)

They are all dead now. Just myself and my 4 cousins survive.

My family is Pentecostal, so I grew up in that setting, however I did have a school colleague/friend (sort of)  who was a Jehovah's Witness. She always tried to have me attend a church service with her, and would always bring pamphlets and booklets to school. How ironic that at the time I found her form of Xianity weird and "ungodly" lol




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