Ok.  A co-worker came up to me, today and said "The Lord told me to tell you something, can I tell you?".  I was like sure.  And she literally began her revelation:  "beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, I the Lord is here for you" or something to that effect, because honestly, she lost me on about the 3rd beloved.  lol.


Has anyone had anyone want to just come up to and pray for you or give you a revelation?  What did you do?

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You too Bria?!? I broke up with a girl, because god told me to.
lmaooooooooooo shit, I couldn't get dressed without hearing from the lord *rolling eyes*
Hahahahahaha! You are too much! Were you raised Pentecostal?
i was raised a JW...got into pentecostalism in my 30s...smh
Oh okay.
Girl, I was into the pentecostal way, heavily in high school.  I went to an event at a church about the book of revelations.  Well, my boyfriend (now a minister with his own church, btw) was scared shitless!  So...I followed.  Tho, in the back of my mind, something didn't quite agree with me.  I was a walking Bible for a minute.  However, once I left the church I still was indoctrinated.  I wasn't extra crispy (crispy is our cold word for Christians), I still believed in the Bible and stuff.  I'm sure I used to say some crazy stuff.  sheeeesh.  It all sounds so silly, now.

Baaahahahhahahahha, u broke up with a girl, cause god told u to.  That is funny!  Man, as black folks, many of us have been there.    What did she say when u broke up with her?  Did you tell her that was the reason?  To look back on some of the things we did in the name of religion.  It is down right laughable now.  But, u couldn't have told us shit then!


I was the victim of a drive by proselytizer...


I was walking my dog and this sister stops her care and says "Is Jesus Christ your Lord?"  I said no. She said "Well may I play a quick blessing for you?" I said no.  She mumbled a prayer, put her window up and drove off.  Two weeks later, the exact same conversation.  Weird....

lmbao @ drive by proselytizer.  hahahahahahaha.  She hit u with the same convo 2 weeks later?  Really?  Did she try a different approach?

Nope she said the same damn thing. And it was like she was in a trance and oblivious to anything I said

I know this is an old thread, but this brought back an old memory for me.  Several years ago when I was living in DC, I had just started a new job.  I had been there for about a week or two, when this woman  who sat in the cube next to mine came over and started chatting.  Just normal office stuff at first.  Then she asked me if I was gay.  Now, I don't walk around with a rainbow flag on or anything like that.  I just quietly go about the business of living my life, and no one had ever asked me that out of the blue before.  But I did have very short, natural hair at this time (and this was back in the 90s before being natural became a bit more mainstream).  I think she assumed that any woman who had short natural hair and didn't paint her face every morning was gay.  Anyway, I told her yes I am gay, and that's when the fun started.


She proceeded to tell me that god told her that I was gay, and he sent her to tell me that he has a husband and kids in store for me.  Say what?!  Now, I have known all my life that I never wanted children.  Even before I started addressing my sexuality or anything like that, I already knew that I didn't want to be a mother.  As I tried to inform her that gay or not, I wasn't having any kids, she interrupted me and told me not to worry about it for now, just know that god has it in store for me.  That was nearly 15 years ago, and to this day not a husband nor child in sight.  She was also kind enough to buy me a bible (one of those newer versions translated into modern English, in case my feeble mind had any trouble understand all the "thees" and "thous" and "goeths" used in the King James version).  She left it on my desk as a gift.  She would sit beside in the cafeteria while I was having lunch, explaining to me how most Christians would never sit down and talk to a gay person, assuring me that she hated the sin but not the sinner and therefore didn't judge me with my gay self.  She told me stories about how she used to have sex with two men at a time, or would leave one guy then go be with another before she found god.  But he delivered her from all that and he would likewise deliver me from being gay.  She would randomly break out and speak in tongues while sitting at her desk.  I guess when the spirit moves you, you gotta let it out no matter where you are.


She was 8 kinds of crazy.  I hadn't thought about that fool in years, until I read this thread.  I look back on that now and laugh.  I also can't believe how much foolishness I tolerated back then.  I have a much lower tolerance for crazy these days.

That is a mess.  And welcome to the forum!


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