Ok.  A co-worker came up to me, today and said "The Lord told me to tell you something, can I tell you?".  I was like sure.  And she literally began her revelation:  "beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved, I the Lord is here for you" or something to that effect, because honestly, she lost me on about the 3rd beloved.  lol.


Has anyone had anyone want to just come up to and pray for you or give you a revelation?  What did you do?

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Maybe you didn't pray hard enough, or receive the blessing and prophecy. You must walk by faith and commit yourself to his care because he knows best and cares for you....LOL. I'll stop.

After telling a friend of mine I no longer believed he encouraged me to "reconnect with Jesus". No matter how many times I said I don't believe, he kept going on and on. The point has to come where both sides say enough and just leave it alone.

As a former minister people want me to pray for me all the damn time. I've even caught my wife praying in the midnight hours. Poor thing...she just waste all that precious sleeping time.

Well, once I accompanied some co -workers to a get together that turned into an impromptu church service. I kind of bugged out a bit and soon decided I would join in. I put on a show praying and stomping my feet and can't remember what I said but some of them literally cried. Must say I had fun but I should of done a collection while the suckers were feeling me. Oh well, maybe next time. lol
Wow.  Are you serious?  If anyone did that to me I'd contact HR and recommend that she see counseling.
Happens all the time. Luckily for these poor souls I have not run into any of them alone (I'm usually in the company of another Christian, I can't get away from them!) since coming out with my Atheism. I have been craving the opportunity to utterly destroy one of these fools in a debate. Maybe I'll pull up my sleeve and show my grim reaper tattoo while I argue with them. >:)


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