After watching this video, I wanted to share it and see what others had to say. There have been several discussions about the roles of homophobia in the Black community, role in California's measure 8 outcome (Black community was scapegoated there), Charlie Check'm's homophobia, homophobia in Jamaica.... and more. This discussion was in an article titled "Jesus Can No Longer Be an Excuse for Black Religious Homophobia"

This forum seems like an ideal place for this discussion, as well as "Race" and the "Gay Atheist" forum, so I'm posting there as well.

A Candid Debate On Black Manhood, Same Gender Love & Civil Righ... from Cleo Manago on Vimeo.

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I find most of this highly irritating. It's sad that even a gay black man has to cite an Afrocentric crackpot like Frances Cress Welsing, and discussion of what goes on in the womb is ridiculous. Dialogue in the context of such ideological backwardness is irritating. And these people he and the other gay guy (who is much more intelligent, arguing on a secular basis) are dialoguing with--the questions these people aks . . . what a pathetic, ignorant bunch.
That's what turned me off from the beginning, including Marcus Garvey, and the red-black-green motif. But all black political people are lumped in together, as if riffraff can be put in the same category with Paul Robeson, Medgar Evers, and Martin Luther King Jr. In short, this debate is framed in the cramped discourse of black nationalism. What a load of shit!
Sorry, I refuse to raise MY blood pressure by watching, what I am sure are, the same senseless apologetic arguments by the same inane idiots.
This is hilarious, but I've never heard melaninism connected to tofu before. What are the chances of tofu BBQ catching on?
I brought it on myself. Why do I tempt fate by thinking the supposedly unthinkable?
I feel bad that I don't have sufficient melanin to develop these special powers. Is there some sort of injection that I can get to correct my melanin deficiency?
Gary, maybe I should attend the conference. They're probably giving melanin infusions there. It's going to get confusing - they're probably extracting it from Black people and infusing it into white people. Soon, it will be difficult to tell who is who. Then what will we do?
George Schuyler's Black No More was based on the opposite premise. Schuyler was a black atheist, but later in life became a conservative. Is there anything worse than a black conservative? (No.)
Just watch out for your nemesis the supervillain Skincancerman.
Didn't watch the videos but I used to hear this shit on WPFW radio, and I don't need to listen to any more.
This is hysterical! Do you mind if I copy-and-paste elsewhere, and give attribution?
I saw this asinine video and discussed it in another forum. The depressing black nationalist framework of discussion is hard to stomach.




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