After watching this video, I wanted to share it and see what others had to say. There have been several discussions about the roles of homophobia in the Black community, role in California's measure 8 outcome (Black community was scapegoated there), Charlie Check'm's homophobia, homophobia in Jamaica.... and more. This discussion was in an article titled "Jesus Can No Longer Be an Excuse for Black Religious Homophobia"

This forum seems like an ideal place for this discussion, as well as "Race" and the "Gay Atheist" forum, so I'm posting there as well.

A Candid Debate On Black Manhood, Same Gender Love & Civil Righ... from Cleo Manago on Vimeo.

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This is bullshit! Homosexual exist, existed and will continue to exist. It has absolutely nothing to do with black manhood. Manhood is based on character. Many things build it and only a conscious choice can change it. Homophobia in the black community has forced male homosexuals underground where men become "down low" brothers, marry and pretend to be heterosexual males, even going so far as to denounce gays. This subterfuge results in African American women between 24-24 having the highest death rates due to AIDS. Because brothers are pretending to be straight, they end up infecting others both male and female because they are hiding. The black community has plenty of manly men, sorry-ass men, religious men, intelligent men, criminal men and homosexual men. Being a man is about standing up to be counted when common sense tells one to sit down.

This is Cleo Manago, the guy in the video. I mentioned that I love Dr. Welsing, because I do. She is far from being a crackpot, if you agree with her or not. Also, I don't identify with or as gay.
To Don. It was never said that homosexuality had anything to do with Black manhood. What was said was a lot of the fear and reactionary behavior occurring in the Black community results from insecurity about manhood in Black communities.



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