I frequently use the television to watch most current events as they unfold.
Most of the talk across the airways are usually filled with toxic political rhetoric that becomes unwatchable towards my attention span in a matter of minutes.

However, a story in reference to another misogynist/religious zealot has surfaced across the "blog-o-sphere" here in the U.S. These tragic series of events took place in North Carolina where a string of missing persons reports were linked to countless acts of mental and physical abuse. There was an unsettling amount of non-coverage for this story, I barely stumbled across these events while on Facebook.

My skepticism toward the national selective coverage; side-stepping such horrible human atrocities which compelled me to advocate the distinct levels of irrationality and derangement religious factions hold so dear to their dark-hearts. Was this a matter of this story being "swept under the rug" simply because lack of humanistic interest or merely because other stories were deemed more valuable toward national appeal?






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as most know in the media..."you lead with what bleeds".

not only is this a general guide but also a mentality.

the more spectacular an event is the more press it gets.

And what ever is top news tonight might just be trash can fodder the next in favore of the latest violent bloody spectaculare thing.

blood lust journalism I think.

thats what journalism has turned into..."just shut up and read the copy your handed and do it the way we want you to and dont think or your out of a job."

these people are not journalists. they are actors, hand picked by whatever broadcaster hires them to just be a talking head.

sound bites sell...deep thought dosnt.


"..the masses are asses...."

thomas jefferson

Victims and perpetrators were African-American and neither rich nor famous.  That usually equals no national news coverage.
It didn't involve a politician's penis, therefore it's not news.

"Religious Leader Shoots 4 Year Old Boy To Death Because He Might Be Gay"


I read this and it's fucking ridiculous! This man is obviously psychotic but, hell, I was too not very long ago. This in no way excuses his actions. A 4 year old child does not understand sexuality so he does not yet know if he's even gay, how could anyone else make that judgement? His mannerisms? I can show you tons of slightly effeminate men who aren't gay. Wtf happened to "thou shalt not kill" anyway?




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