Since I assume that we are pretty liberal on this board, I'd like to share with you all a song I did entitled "Dear US", which is basically an open letter to the US as a nation and US as a people. Conceptually, it tackles many issues, from right wing hate to the inequalities in our school system. I actually got to perform this at the 1st annual Coffee Party Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the link:
Its a Youtube link so you can see it from your mobile device and/or computer.

Please like/share/comment if you feel where I'm coming from... I'm actually shooting a video for this song in the next few weeks. I just want to get the message out. Thanks.

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Hey nice work, I'm not a really a music uploader nor an ipoder, but I did Liked it. Would be nice to see a lyrics vid too, you know so many people are not fond of this music style, on the internet, lyrics can sell the song on their own.
You're right. And thanks for that tip. Thanks to you I put the lyrics in the description on the Youtube page. When the actual music video is shot I'll do the same. If you could, please send the link to anyone that you think may appreciate it. And again. thanks for your support.
and don't be thrown off by the use of the phrase "swear to god" in the song... Its just a phrase I still use.. I'm a staunch atheist. lol
There are some artists I listen to who utilize some religious phrases, often times I overlook it if isn't the 'theme' of the song. I've successfully stopped using phrases like 'god bless you', what the hell?, I swear to god & etc, because I feel like promoting their usage would validate their religious meaning. These sayings are ingrained in everyday american lexicon that I think to stop using them is meaningful to slowly weaning people off of religion altogether.
i agree
You know... I'm a pretty firm 'believer' that the popularity and prevalence of hip hop and R&B played a big role in getting Obama in, over the long run, or in getting the USA ready to see a black president. I hope atheist rap can have the same impact among the religious. Feed some of those tunes to him!
that i shall do.. Even though I'm not his biggest fan nowadays
This sounds good. What was the audience reaction to your performance/lyrics?
Surprisingly, for a pretty much all-white crowd, they absolutely LOVED it. I mean LOVED it. I got to meet a lot of people at that convention and everyone who heard it asked for more, or a copy, or "where can I buy this" blah blah blah... A truly great experience
That's great! On a side note white audiences at hip hop events are not an oddity in my experience. Besides there have been some mentions of this contrast of hip hop artists & their audience.(e.g PBS, article & a contradiction)
I agree. But in this case, the audience was 40-50+ year old crowd... Which really impressed me..
That is impressive.




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